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Make a budget, build an emergency fund, earn more and pay off debt.

We all want financial independence, but it’s hard to figure out how to get there.... until now.

There’s lots of financial education out there, most of it is not relevant to our African context, our self-study online courses change that

Simple, jargon & judgment free

You won’t hear about spreads or ‘tax advantaged’ accounts here. If you must, you’ll know what the hell a mutual fund is, but more importantly, you’ll know how to use it.

Backed by experts

We’ve studied and worked at globally renowned organizations & we are sharing our experience plus expertise in this course.

London Business School, University British Columbia, Oxford Said Business School, Centum, Morgan Stanley, McKinsey & Company logos

Made for the African context

We’ll swop 401Ks and the NYSE for how to plan for harambees and how to pick the best SACCO for you

Illustrated globe showing the African continent  and African investment terms - Chama, Black Tax, Harambae

What’s Included?









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Spend consciously, earn more, automate your financial plan

Financial Priority
Save More

Change how you manage your money

Save more consistently
Learn to automate your savings& save consistently towards your goals
Earn More
Earn more money strategically at work or through your side hustle
Invest Confidently
Get clear on investment
options that fuel your goals.
Pay off debt
Pay off your debt and avoid
bad debt in the future.

Practical, actionable lessons to guide your financial decisions

Digital education portal with mobile and desktop views of Your Roadmap To Wealth course content and instructor Moses Richu.

Self paced video lessons

Comprehensive, jargon free content online - access anytime, anywhere

28+ videos
Digital views of Your Roadmap To Wealth workbooks and e-books. Laptop showing portfolio breakdown worksheet, tablet screens showing additional income playbook and account system set up workbook.

Customizable worksheets

Personalize the insights you gain to your actual situation. Wanna know how much you need to retire? We’ve got you!

28+ videos
Illustration of Africa's Pocket's accountability and a learning community


Stay accountable and delve deeper into topics with like-minded people

Image of Your Roadmap To Wealth student pensive at her laptop, with bubble showing some illustrated topics from the course content.

Expert Support

Ask your specific questions and get answers from our expert instructors

Meet Your Instructor

Photo of Moses Richu,  Instructor of Your Roadmap To Wealth

Moses combines a Business & Psychology background (UBC, LBS), with operational efficiency & banking (McKinsey). He’s a great communicator who can take complex finance jargon and translate it to simple digestible concepts that you can implement to build a solid foundation.

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Your Roadmap To Wealth Students have been able to

Save their first million

Sylvia saved KES. 1 Million ($10,000) on a salary of KES. 60K ($600)

Testimonial Image

Take care of their loved ones

Sierra replaced her mum’s roof entirely with interest she earned from investments

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Improve their lifestyle

Qui moved to a new city and got an apartment on her own - goodbye to roommate life!

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Still have questions?

What payment options are available for the course?

You can pay for Your Roadmap to Wealth through our website by clicking get started & creating an account. Our website is secure and we accept all major cards and Mpesa.

Can I pay in instalments?

No, presently we do not accept installment payments for Your Roadmap to Wealth.

What if I cannot afford the full payment now?

We recommend using a sinking fund to save up for the course - consider this your first savings challenge! We’ll always be here, cheering you on, in the meantime, check out our free resources.

What does the process look like?
Each investment option has a different fee structure that will be explained in depth once we give you a recommended investment that matches your goals. Fees can either be one-time, percentage based, or a mix of the two.

Can I invest monthly or top up my investment?
Yes you can! 😁 We actually encourage that you do. If you are interested in investing monthly we will let you know what the process is like based on the investment you select. Some investments do not offer automatic top-ups or monthly deposits.

  • Create your financial goals and plan
  • Learn how to earn additional income & pick the right side hustle for you
  • Invest with confidence, knowing that you have clear, actionable goals to work towards

See how others have done it in our testimonial section!

Is this course for me?

We’ve built a course that we’re proud of and that has given our students amazing results in their financial journey, however, we acknowledge that it might not be for everyone. This course is for you if you:

  • Value quality over quantity- you’ve gone through loads of content on Youtube but want something more specific & tailored to you.
  • Are committed to taking action?- want to learn how to hit your financial goals without compromising your current lifestyle.
  • Want to invest but are confused about the options available - you have the resources and will to invest but just don’t know where to start!
  • Want to pay off debt and figure out where it fits in your financial plan - want your money to go more towards saving & learn to manage and use debt well.

Is the course in-person or online?

Your Roadmap to Wealth is a pre-recorded online course that is self-paced; you can go through the course any time, from any place and as fast or slow as you’d like.

How do I get answers to questions specific to me?

We have guides and worksheets to help you throughout the course. If you get stuck along the way, all you need to do is reach out via our Q&A section in the course and we’ll answer your questions one- on-one!

How is Your Roadmap to Wealth different?

  • Backed by experts - This course has been put together by experts with 20+ years combined experience from world class institutions in the industry (Oxford, LBS, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley). We make sure the lessons we teach are theoretically sound & practical.
  • Super simple - We break down financial jargon so that it’s easy for you to understand and apply!
  • African context - There’s a lot of resources out there but not a lot of them factor in the African context, this course changes that.

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Continuous Support

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Wondering what bank account to open? We’ve got you!

Why start now?

Compound interest works best when paired with time. See below how much of a difference it makes to start early...
Graph showing  how much you need to invest at every life stage to have 100 million shillings (1 million dollars) by age 65

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