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Get clarity on your financial goals, understand your investment options and match your goals to investment opportunities you can explore with confidence.

We all want to invest and grow our money, but it’s difficult to know all the options and evaluate them correctly… until now

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Practical and easy to implement

We provide worksheets for you to work through step by step and case study examples to give you ideas for implementing the concepts in real life.

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Backed by experts

We’ve studied and worked at globally renowned organizations & partnered with expert financial wellness coach, Rina Hicks.

Made for the African context

We’ll walk you through selecting investment plans within the African context, be it chamas, saccos or government bonds.

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What’s Included?







Live Q&A’s

Ask specific questions to build your plan

Get a taste of the course

Spend consciously, earn more, automate your financial plan

Refine your goals
Build your foundation
Find opportunities

Invest with confidence

Clarify your goals & values
Find out your WHY, categorize your goals & start investing towards them.
Create an investment plan
Have a plan that ensures your basic
needs are met as you invest.
Balance your risk
Ensure your downside is protected even as you invest
Invest towards your goals
Learn about your investment options and make choices linked to your goals & values

Practical, actionable lessons

Laptop & mobile views of bonus content in the course - case study discussions with Val Njoroge and Rina Hicks in video and podcast.

Case study videos & podcasts

Breaking down examples of young adult & couples building portfolios to fuel their goals

28+ lessons
Mobile view screenshots from the Investable community's WhatsApp group-chat. Sharing opportunities and experiences.

Community of investors

Personalize the insights you gain to your actual situation. Wanna know how much you need to retire? We’ve got you!

200+ members in 5+ countries
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Investing ebooks & worksheets

Deep dive into your investment options, calculating and tracking your net worth

10+ downloads
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Live Q & A Sessions

Students get their specific investment questions answered by an expert.

Meet Your Instructor

Rina is an Investment Banker, Certified Coach, Educator with 17+ years in investment management, helping many (18,000+ community) crystallize their goals & maximize their personal & professional potential.

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Investable Students have been able to

Invest with what they have

Leon & Angela initially thought they needed a lot to start.

Angela's Testimonial on Investable

Invest what they have

Ayuo stopped waiting for KES. 500K-1M ($5K-10K) and changed his strategy to starting now.

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Refine their goals

Keziah stopped making goals based on trends & started building assets based on her values.

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Still have questions?

What payment options are available for the course?

You can pay for Investable through our website by clicking get started & creating an account. Our website is secure and we accept all major cards and Mpesa.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes you can pay for Investable in 3 instalments using this link and gain access to the course after completing payment.

Why don’t you just tell me exactly what to invest in?

We prefer to teach you. We want to help you build a financial strategy for the life you want which is likely different from what the next person wants. We cover goals & values in this course, so you can learn to invest based on what you want for yourself.

Is this course for me?

While Investable has helped hundreds get on track in their financial journey, we acknowledge that it might not be for everyone. Investable is for you if you:

  • Want to invest but are confused about the options available- you have the resources & will to invest but just don’t know where to start. (We recommend having at least KES. 20,000 available to invest for this program to be most effective for you)
  • Are tired of guessing what’s for you- Want to branch out to other types of investment and pick what’s right for you.
  • Want a plan to last you a lifetime - tired of chasing the latest fad or timing the market with no success & want to build a plan that creates safety but also fuels your dreams

Is the course in-person or online?

Investable is a pre-recorded online course that is self-paced; you can go through the course any time or take a break from the material if life gets in the way! We also host live Q&A sessions for 4 weeks every quarter to answer specific questions. They’re also recorded, in case you miss out and you get to learn from other people’s questions too.

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Continuous Learning

From our robust Investable community and our team of experts ready to keep guiding you through your investment journey.

Bonus Content

Watch every cohort’s Q&A sessions & learn from your peers' questions, answered by experts. We cover various topics (values, crypto, stocks, real estate, etc.) & connect you to experts in the field.

Lifetime Access

Revisit the course as much as you need to; when your goals change or you’re thinking about adding an investment to your portfolio.

How do I start?

By signing up NOW! Investable has a limited time offer, as we keep refreshing the content we’ll increase the price to reflect the additional value it offers.
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