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Your digital budgeting tool - tell every coin where to go.

Laptop & tablet view of budget goals using the budgeting tools coin analysis
Get the Budgeting Tool
Laptop view of coin analysis pie chart showing spending breakdown

Figure out where your money goes

Get an overview of your past spending so you know where to save without giving up the things you love.

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Stay on top of your goals

Plan your large expenses and break down how much to put away every month.

Laptop view of budgeting tool excel sheet, monthly breakdown

Change your financial habits

Identify areas for improvement and use our analytics to spend smart.

Easy steps to an automated budget

Save time and money while you manage your spending

Understand your spending

Upload your bank or M-Pesa statement to figure out how much you are spending on transaction fees, takeout, uber and more

Make a realistic budget

Decide what to spend on each category based on past spending, so you are likely to stick to it

Get Insights

See trends and anomalies in your spending so you can plan better and adjust your budget


Get lessons on reducing expenses, negotiating fees and paying off debt faster so you can free up more money for investing

"the tool was an eye opener"

Tim clearly understood what his unnecessary spending was & was able to funnel that money to his savings.

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One of Gaki’s favourite things

"I'm now more diligent in tracking different categories of my financial journey from the spending tracker to budgeting to my retirement goals"

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Nancy thought

" The Budgeting tool is easy to understand and use. It’s been useful in helping me keep better track of my spending."

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