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Your one stop shop to learn about (through online courses), plan for (personalized tools) and act on (investment platform) your finances in Africa (especially built for Africans) so you can build generational wealth (local investors funding local entrepreneurs and creating jobs)

Working towards a wealthier Africa

We are leveraging technology to make investment opportunities easier to access and assess

Our story

We don't want to give you the fish, we aim to teach you how to fish, so you can confidently make decisions about your money.

Photo of Co-founders Val Njoroge and Moses Richu during the recording on our first course Your Roadmap To Wealth

We started out with a financial literacy course and we’ve since grown into a fully fledged wealth management platform. Education is our heart and technology is our fuel.

Photo at the event Things I Learned About Money - where Co-founder Val Njoroge spoke on the panel

We are building a wealth management platform you can consult before making any financial decision.

Photo of the smiling team members during an annual planning retreat (December 2021)

And, which gradually teaches you how to think about those decisions, until you can confidently make them yourself.

Image of a long table discussion during the financial planning workshop with the BBC team

And then, we want to give you the tools to execute on the decisions yourself, easily, conveniently, and securely, so you can build the life you want and build generational wealth.

Founder Story

When I started my career in Finance 12 years ago, I was confident in all my knowledge - I saw myself as an ‘investor’ - someone who took risks and ‘went for it’. The result was 3 years of random, opportunistic investments that led me no where. This changed when I got a clear goal - pay for a top-tier MBA.  This was going to cost me a pretty penny, so I took a look at all my investments. I had invested in VERY interesting things -  A cricket farm, a lending start up, a peanut butter business, ubers, fish farming - so OF COURSE I was going to be okay, right? WRONG! (buy me a coffee, I’ll tell you these stories!)

I was totally shocked when I discovered that despite investing in all these things that had promises of 5X, 20% return and other nice sounding things like that, my total portfolio return was a measly 8% p.a. - barely beating inflation. Why? I had no strategy, I had no performance management approach and honestly, I had no destination - so it didn’t really matter where I ended up.  Having a goal changed this. It gave me a destination, a timeline and focus.

Since then, I’ve adopted a goal-based investing approach to get me moving. In a matter of 5 years, I’ve transformed my finances. I paid for that MBA, then went on to start a business, build a 3 year nest egg, built warehouses that bring me passive income and have had the financial security to build a lifestyle that I love.

This goal-based approach is the foundation for all we do at Africa's Pocket. It's at the heart of our courses on budgeting, saving & investing and it's at the heart of our investment platform.

Hear it from the
 horse's mouth

Valentine Njoroge | Africa's Pocket, The Gist

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A Coffee With Valentine Njoroge

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Our values drive our

We Invest in each other
Our success is a function of our team. We teach each other, practice patience and cheer each other on. At AP, learning never stops!
We are principled
We want to always be proud of what we do and how we do it proud enough to tell our mums and grandmas 😉
We are slightly rebellious
We wanna do dope, audacious things for Africa. Our ambition may be faced with skeptics, but we go for it anyway 💪🏾
We are customer obsessed
We are entrepreneurs at heart and our customers give us direction. We embrace creative, feedback driven problem-solving and going out of our way to make life easier for our customers.

Word on the streets

Is that we are pretty fun and good at what we do, just ask...

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